Language Usage

Learning Spanish: Where to Begin?

Jan 14, 2015 |
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How to Master the English Language Fast

Dec 25, 2014 |
The English language is spoken in most countries either as a first or second language. Therefore, if you are a foreigner it is advisable to consider enrolling yourself in a good English school for ... Read more

English Language: Did You Just Say What I Thought You Said?

Dec 25, 2014 |
I love listening to the use of the English language, I find it fascinating as I listen to people in different settings and observe how the language is used. Recently, while waiting in line at a movie ... Read more

Why Learning A Foreign Language Can Be Advantageous

Dec 25, 2014 |
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Persuasive Words

Dec 25, 2014 |
Good language usage is one of the top 5 persuasive speech presentation elements. Adjectives can add colors while giving a sales speech or presentation. By using a simple memory trick the list of most ... Read more

Creative Use Of Computer Can Make Language Learning Easier

Dec 25, 2014 |
Learning a foreign language has become quite easy with the emergence of computers. Many online courses come with audio and visual presentation that helps you to learn the language and develop various ... Read more

Languages of the Bible

May 6, 2016 |
Highlights the usage of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages in interpreting the Scripture. ... Read more

Language Links

May 6, 2016 |
Outline includes grammar and usage, columns and magazines, newsgroups, references, word games and play, and vocabulary development. ... Read more

Fortran to Python Interface Generator

May 6, 2016 |
Contains highlight descriptions, user and reference guide, package releases, FAQs, and installation and usage details for the language translator. ... Read more

Perfect Your English.com

May 6, 2016 |
Provides free reference materials for learning English grammar, vocabulary and practical English usage. ... Read more

Word Origins

May 6, 2016 |
Explore the history and emergence of several words in today's language. Learn about the proper usage as well. ... Read more

Vulcan Language

May 6, 2016 |
Describes the Vulcan language with examples and references. ... Read more