Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology

Jan 8, 2015 |
No one can deny the fact that education is very important to learning. Nowadays, modern technology has made learning more convenient and easier. Through instructional technology application, ... Read more

ONLINE EDUCATION (Master of Education in Instructional Technology Degree)

Dec 24, 2014 |
The Master of Education (MEd) in Instructional Technology is an advanced degree program that focuses on integrating technology in the preK-12 schools to strengthen and transform teaching and learning. ... Read more

Exploratory and Active learning in systematic instructional technology

Dec 24, 2014 |
Active learning is the process by which students participate in the learning process. Here students are supposed to analyze, synthesize and evaluate problems. Exploratory learning is a learning theory ... Read more

How To Reach Students In The Digital Age With A Certificate In Instructional Technology

Dec 24, 2014 |
The field of education is constantly changing and growing with technology. In this digital era, children grow up with computers from the time they are very young. In order to reach these children, ... Read more

The Benefits and Applications of Instructional Technology

Dec 24, 2014 |
The recent advances in technology made possible by the internet have resulted in a rapidly changing world. In order to keep up with such advances, the presence of technology in the classroom has ... Read more

Center for Instructional Technology

May 4, 2016 |
Assists the UNC-Chapel Hill community in its the instructional, research, and other professional objectives via technological support, training, and education. ... Read more

Agency for Instructional Technology

May 4, 2016 |
Learn about this Group' services and philosophy. Go over the posted catalogs and learning resources as well. ... Read more