Bengal Tigers in Fact and Folklore

Nov 17, 2014 |
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The Trickster of Folklore

Nov 17, 2014 |
Folklore includes a traditional trickster figure, the subject of many stories in a cycle. Trickster tales are in the animal tales genre, with the trickster himself -- he seems always to be male -- ... Read more

The Marvelous Onion - Facts and Folklore

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Arowana Care - Myths and Folklore Surrounding the Arowana

Nov 17, 2014 |
The Arowana (sometimes spelled arawana or aruana) is one of the most popular fish among fish enthusiasts; especially in Asia. Its popularity in Asia stems from the numerous folklore and myths that are ... Read more

Ancient Vampire Folklore May Have Roots in Modern Medical Science

Nov 17, 2014 |
Vampire folklore is prevalent throughout European history. Some tales date back as far as the 12th century. It's possible that these early tales of vampires were spawned by real medical conditions. ... Read more