Disaster Insurance

Assisted Living Facilities Insurance and Disaster Preparedness

Jan 10, 2015 |
When a disaster of the magnitude of "Superstorm Sandy" strikes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities need to have insurance as well as a plan in place for those residents who often require ... Read more

What is a Common Disaster Life Insurance Clause

Jan 10, 2015 |
Although not commonly applicable to life claims,  a Common Disaster life insurance clause is provided under what is known as the Uniform Simultaneous Death Law, which is adopted by most states ... Read more

Business Property Insurance Crucial After A Disaster

Jan 10, 2015 |
Many small business owners are still attempting to recover from the recent storm activity on the East Coast and could use some sound advice to deal with their insurance coverage. The first step for ... Read more

Stranded Without Travel Insurance - The Ultimate Disaster

Jan 10, 2015 |
So many travellers uncheck the little box when prompted to buy single trip travel insurance when going on a holiday. It's al very well to opt out of a suggested policy, but you certainly should not ... Read more